Saturday, February 18, 2012

CNN’s Don Lemon Grills FRC President Over Anti-Gay Extremism

There is no room in this world for people who don't think cause if you actually believe this drivel CNN’s Don Lemon Grills FRC President Over Anti-Gay Extremism.

For a good funny read, well not really, but you thinking humans know what I mean, you should read this Brochure of Hate

First of all the pedophilia has nothing at all to do with love and the real statistics are different than these people like to spew, the vast majority of pedophiles are STRAIGHT not GAY, so of curse because you don’t understand the lifestyle you attack it,  "Methinks totally thinks thou dost protest too much", insert cute little hand gesture here

Just as with the person who has a predilection of raping women is because it's about the power it gives them over the other person and their entire FAMILY.

And before you go thinking that I'm gay, I not I'm as straight as a board of wood, what I am is pissed, off that people who bash, bully, hurt and yes murder other people because of who or what they love is stupid, especially when a gay person gets lumped in with the actual sick mind of a rapist of children, these sick child molesting and raping people are perversion of nature, their minds are broken, it has nothing to do with being gay, straight or somewhere in between, it's about power not about love, this is the perversion not that someone is gay! And if you don't think there is a link between the actions of these people and gay bashing here's a tidbit for you Second gay beating suspect surrenders to Atlanta police  |