Friday, March 9, 2012

Rush Limbaugh on Joseph Kony, huh?

He, Rush Limbaugh, now defends Joseph Kony. Are you freaking kidding me! What is with this guy, is he so delusional that he attacks women, minorities, religions, just people but now this! We now also know Rush Limbaugh also advocates the systematic extermination, slavery, and rape of children! There is something so dissolute with this man, he now encourages the killing of Muslims not the rape and murder of men, women and children.

More Excrement in Broadcasting! From the October 14, 2011 broadcast!

This is a world of ideologies misinterpretations proliferate, we all need to realize that all ideologies have worth, it is only the misinterpretation of these principles that leads to these vast iniquities..

He only encourages Christian warriors with evil hearts only because they are Christian, that is no different from anyone who uses religion to justify their evil. We, the entire human race needs to understand that it is not important what religion we are it is what in our hearts that matters, if this prejudice between beliefs persists this is what is born, men with hearts that are damaged, ones you don’t really ever know if they are serious or not because how could you justify the murder of children? 

He, Rush Limbaugh remarks about the Coptic’s in Egypt, which is one of the oldest branches of Christianity beginning in the second century, they have always been discriminated against. And no that is not right either, but neither is the systematic destruction of the world based on religion or the defense of a man who rapes and kills not for his ideas but for, the god forbid, amusement of it because that is the way I see it, when you kidnap children and make them use a gun for YOUR OWN BELIEFS whether for good or evil YOU are the one who is wrong and YOU should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all laws that apply!

This is what I  love to see this because this is our history not the discrimination of a people simply because you believe their religion is wrong, cases in point the Crusades and the Spanish inquisitions.

There will always be disagreement in belief, but what we, the human race need to do is say all of the victimized have value. 

This must and cannot be sanctioned, the rhetoric needs to stop. We must agree to disagree and stop hurting each other based only on our religious beliefs all religions have good in them we must find and take comfort in that and stop killing each other because of it.